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Welcome To Phoenix Shop !

Welcome to PHOENIX RECORDS official e-store !

Thank you to support the underground international bands of the independent label Phoenix Records like The BUDDHA PESTS, TEXMEX SHAMAN, RASPUTIN BONES, NORSE VITKI, Warren BURNETT, BESHENITAR, ESSENTIAL PRODUCER, AKARDIA, The OASPM...

Every style, every taste so don't be shy and visit our store ! You will not be deceived !

The store will be regularly updated with new wonderful products to download (Albums, EPs, Compilations...) of any genre and for every taste.

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PHOENIX RECORDS SHOP is the official e-store of the independent music label PHOENIX RECORDS, managed by Emmanuel DUCHEZ, founder and manager of the auto-entreprise PHOENIX RECORDS.

Our label counts so far 17 international bands of any genres.